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Advantages of the Institute
  1. The institute charges tuition fees that are suitable for all. It also provides its students the option of accommodation and meal plans at minor fees.
  2. The institute offers free scholarships according to its capabilities.
  3.  The institute is located in the city of Sana’a which is the capital of Yemen, the cradle of the Arab civilization and the birthplace of Arabic language. In addition, Yemen is an all time favorite tourist destination that has been ranked the best in 2007. This advantage gives students of Arabic a chance to delve directly into the depth of the Arabian history, heritage and culture. It also allows them to enjoy the beautiful climate, the fascinating scenery and the hospitality of Yemeni people.
  4.  The Institute welcomes students from all over the world regardless of their race, religion and cultural background. This advantage provides students with a chance to experience a unique culture stereotyped as conservative and mysterious. It also gives students a chance to meet people, share experience and form life lasting relationships.
  5. The Institute is located at the heart of a striving university that hosts hundreds of male and female students from various Arab nationalities. This advantage provides students of Arabic a chance to directly communicate with educated and mindful Arab academics, which will, without doubt, enhance the Arabic learning experience and outcome.
  6. The Institute offers interested students shared accommodation with university students, which allows students to merge with speakers of Arabic and acquire the language via everyday communication. The university also offers accommodation for interested female students.
  7. The institute boasts up-to-date educational programs and curricula based on the latest theories of teaching and learning a second language. Furthermore, the institute holds a high opinion of interactive learning that has proven to be the most beneficial form of education up to date.
  8. The institute enhances its teaching approach through the use of different devices and equipment (e.g. television, radio, compact discs, computers, cassette recorders, internet, dictionaries, stories, magazines, daily newspapers, references, etc.).

The institute is supervised by experts of teaching Arabic from the main "Arabic for All" office in Riyadh. These experts are university professors, specialized in applied linguistics, from two of the oldest and most prestigious universities of Saudi Arabia: King Saud University and Imam Ibn Muhammad Islamic University.

Features of the Institute
  • Low fees
  • Free scholarship
  • Airport pickup¬†
  • Multinational students
  • University degree education
  • Accommodation with university students
  • Leading educational programs
  • Latest technologies
  • Supervision by Experts