About the University Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision, Mission & Goals

   University Vision

Leadership in education, scientific research and community service based on our Islamic values

University Mission

Alandalus University for Science and Technology seeks to achieve the full value of education and to meet the requirements of the labor market, by providing an appropriate educational environment, modern technologies and qualified human cadres, who contribute to the development of knowledge and capabilities of its students. It also seeks to establish effective local and regional partnerships, while adhering to quality and academic accreditation standards, with continuous development and maintenance of the noble Islamic values.

General Goals of the University

1- Developing the various scientific programs of the university in line with the change in the needs of the local and regional labor market.

2- Qualifying students in cognitive and professional majors and refining their scientific and practical skills.

3- Encouraging scientific research and the various scientific contributions.

4- Spreading culture and knowledge among the community to enhance the university role in social responsibility.

5- Achieving excellence in academic performance and showing commitment to quality standards in university education.

6- Achieving financial and administrative stability at the university in order to enhance its pioneering role in society.

7- Creating an educational environment for students, building their personalities according to worthy values ​​and expanding their perceptions and horizons of thinking.

University Values

1- Honesty in dealing.

2- Perfection in performance.

3- Cooperation and mutual respect.

4- Respecting and developing the noble morals and customs derived from Islam.

5- Maintaining one team spirit among all University employees.

6- Justice and Equality.

7- Adoption of scientific standards.